Foster Care Support

Foster Care Support West Midlands and North West

We all need support. Becoming a Foster Carer comes with great responsibilities, commitment and at times fostering can be hard going and stressful. When Fostering there can be many downs - equally there can be many highs. Becoming a Foster Carer can be the most rewarding work going.

Foster Carer Support in the West Midlands and North West

Out of Office Hours Support

Where a Foster Carer requires advice or support out of hours, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. You are NEVER on your own with us!

Social Work Support

Each Foster Carer has a designated social worker who will meet with them at least once a month. Foster carer(s) are expected to make themselves available for supervision were a range of issues are discussed relevant to the care of the young person on the Foster Carers own Personal Development Plan (training).

Family Placement Support Worker

Each Foster Carer has a designated Family Placement Support Worker who will also visit on a monthly basis to discuss the placement support plan which we put in place with Foster Carers at the outset of the placement and to ensure that Foster Carers receive appropriate help in maintaining their records.


We have dedicated training team who ensure that our training programme is comprehensive and at the cutting edge of current practice. From the initial Pre-Panel training for applicants to the Diploma in Working with Children and Young People, we have it covered!

Training is available to all of our Foster Carers in the West Midlands and the North West. We train Foster Carers in the following areas.

• Safeguarding (Child Protection)
• Life Story Work
• Food Hygiene
• Health and Safety
• Child Development and Attachment
• Separation and Loss
• Behaviour Management
• Communicating with Children and Young People

In addition specialist Foster Carer training can and will be provided as required.

Core Group Meetings

We run a Core Group meeting system for all our children and young people. In summary this is a group of key professionals, Foster Carers, family (if possible) and the young person themselves. Their role is very much a 'hands on' supportive role and they are there to give advice and support. The purpose is to provide a regular meetings where plans can be reviewed and monitored to minimise any possiblity of drift..............we don't allow people or indeed children and young people to get stuck!

Carer Support Group

We run local support group meetings where carers meet , share experiences, undertake bits of training and hopefully have fun!

Young Peoples Activities

We run a regular programme of activities for the young people we look after and ensure that we offer a range of suitable activities appropriate to the various age groups. These activities are also available to birth children.

Social Events

Periodically we run social events for all our families and young people.

Financial Support For Foster Carers In West Midlands and indeed elsewhere

You get paid to be a Foster Carer in the West Midlands. The fee is intentionally a generous one and we believe it to be one of the best fees offered in the West Midlands. Whilst this is a caring role it is also a profession that involves commitment, paperwork, attendance at meetings, a commitment to training, demanding tenacity and resiliance when the going gets tough as it sometimes can as a Foster Carer.

Families@FamilyCare pay a fee to Foster Carers whilst they have a young person placed with them in addition to an allowance for the foster child to cover care, food, heat, light, pocket money, clothing and birthday presents etc.

Our carer fees are industry leading and based on a 36 point scale according to the needs of the child and the experience of the carers. Our minimum payment for a first carer looking after a baby is £350+ per week and our fees extend up to £648 per week for an experienced carer looking after a 17 year old.

Our staff work closely with local authority Social Workers – working together to give every placement the best possible chance of success.


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